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Foundry Craft Grillery’s name was inspired by the historic Lebanon Steel Foundry, a building that once bustled with the sounds of metal on metal, the heat of the fire, and the dedicated workers of generations past. It is the strong work ethic of these men and women that established Lebanon as a successful player in the steel and iron industries and strengthened the local community.

The values that define Lebanon’s past and present resonated with Foundry Owners, Eric & Vickie Hoover, who are devoted to putting forth quality and passion in all they do. Residents of small-town Myerstown, PA, they’ve poured their energy into a multi-generational family restaurant for twenty-some years, though wanted to bring something new and unique to the area. Through their love for travel, they grew inspired by the simplicity and old world flavors of grilleries and butcheries in foodie metropolises across the nation. And in 2014, they found their match for the perfect space right above the Historic Farmers Market in Lebanon, PA, the city where fire forged the iron and steel of years past, and where the culinary art of the grill was a true fit.

Established in Spring 2015, the Foundry boasts an eight foot custom wood-fired grill, the centerpiece of both the space and the menu. The grillery remembers the leaders and laborers of Lebanon’s past throughout the restaurant space. Our private dining space, the Steitz Room, was named after George Steitz, who founded the City of Lebanon in the 1750s. Foundry’s events venue, the Worrilow Room, was named after William H. Worrilow, who co-founded the Lebanon Steel Foundry alongside Thomas Quinn, whose name also appears on the menu.

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Our Passions

true craftsmanship

From our meats cooked to perfection over an open flame, to our artisan wood-fired pizzas, to our house made bitters and tinctures, Foundry’s rustic dishes and fresh spirits are handcrafted with attention to detail, a lot of passion, and a serious amount of heat.

timeless traditions

Our seasonal menu takes you back to the lost culinary art of the grill, to a time when cooking over an open fire was the norm. We bring wholesome dishes from the flame to the table, where family and friends can gather together to share in the simple pleasures of a well-crafted meal.

a heritage of hospitality

We are deeply rooted in the rich heritage of Lebanon County. We respect those who labored to forge its success in the steel and iron industries of the past. Their work ethic, dedication, craftsmanship and service inspire us to deliver a similar experience to all who sit at our table.

The Foundry Craft Grillery Team
  • Gary Althouse
    Executive Chef

    A Lebanon County native, Gary has 14 years of experience cooking as a Sous chef and kitchen supervisor in 3 five-million dollar restaurants. From his early years at the Franklin House Tavern and The Lantern Lodge to Devon Seafood Grill and Susquehanna Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, Gary’s creativity and passion for food provides guests with one memorable meal after another. Gary likes to use fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. He spends lots of time growing his own garden and would love to have his own organic market farm some day.

  • Cole Martin
    General Manager, Beer & Wine Specialist

    A native to the local Lebanon community, Cole boasts 16 years of hospitality experience at some of the area’s favorite restaurants. He also worked with some of Harrisburg’s premier establishments including Mount Hill Tavern and Final Cut Steakhouse, where he and his team earned the distinguished DiRona Award. In addition to managing the Foundry experience, Cole will be overseeing our craft beer selection and wine list. Cole brings extensive knowledge of food and beer to the Foundry table, and looks forward to helping you pair your craft grillery specialty with any of our libations.

  • Jamie Hager
    pastry chef, dessert specialist

    Jamie graduated from the Baltimore International Culinary College for Pastry Arts in 1997 and has been in the business ever since. Her experience includes serving as Pastry Chef of Myerstown’s Lantern Lodge, the Stirling Guest Hotel in Reading, the George Washington Tavern in Lebanon, and currently of Country Fare Restaurant, where she’s also the Cake Designer for their sister company, Cake A Fare. You’ll find a great deal of Jamie’s confectionary expertise and creativity on Foundry’s dessert menu.

The Foundry Craft Grillery Team